Cooking Like A Pro Has Never Been Simpler.

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Want to get professional barbecue results without spending all day adding fuel, fussing with air vents, and checking temperatures? Now you can. Traeger grills give you the ability to cook competition-level barbecue without all the hassle of babysitting your outdoor cooker.

Set It & Forget It

Traeger’s fuel control system takes all the guesswork out of great barbecue. The auger at the bottom of the fuel hopper pulls hardwood pellets into the firebox at a steady rate, giving you total temperature control. Just set the temperature on your Traeger, and start cooking.

See How It Works

Corn and ribs on a Traeger grill

Hardwood Fuel Versatility

Choose from a wide variety of hardwood pellets for the perfect flavor profile. Use Traeger’s applewood pellets for a mild, sweet smoke that goes great with pork or chicken. Cooking beef? Use the hickory, or mesquite pellets for a more robust smoke flavor. Baking a pie? Try the cherry pellets for an interesting twist.

Easy Replacement Parts and Accessories

Each Traeger is built to last. But a lot can happen in a lifetime. Luckily, replacement part are easy to find, and the grills are easy to upgrade.

Traeger Pellets

Put Traeger In Your Back Pocket

Now you can Traeger anywhere with the new WiFire app. Access the entire recipe archive, connect to the Traeger cooking community, and more. Buy the new Traeger Timberline, and control the temperature and smoke time from your smartphone.