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Whenever you make a purchase at Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden, you accrue Frattallone’s Friends And Neighbors (FAN) Club points as well as other benefits. With our online rewards Dashboard, you can view your purchase history, detailed receipts, track points and get updates when you’re close to your next coupon.

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Whether you’re a new customer or an existing customer, Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden wants to say thank you for joining our FAN Club. So we’re going to send you your very first coupon worth $5, just for successfully signing up. How easy was that?

Frattallone’s FAN Club FAQs

I was an Ace Rewards member — am I already enrolled in Frattallone’s FAN Club?

Almost. You will need to re-register your account online using the same cell phone number you used for Ace Rewards. Unfortunately, the FAN Club Dashboard will not show past purchases, but we will honor Ace Rewards coupons previously issued. After validation, you will be able to find your first $5 coupon on your FAN Club Dashboard. If you were previously an Ace Rewards member, we will also give you 500 additional points to thank you for your loyalty.

How do I sign up?

You can sign up in store or online—it’s free! Simply provide your name, phone number & email address. After signing up, check your email or texts for a link to activate your new account. Shortly thereafter, you can log into your online Dashboard. Please note: landline telephone numbers can be used, but will not receive text messages.

Who can join?

Frattallone’s FAN Club is open to those 18 years or older with a valid email address. Multiple members of the same household can have separate accounts if they provide their individual email & phone number.

Frattallone’s Hardware & Garden/CNRG employees are not eligible.

What can I expect from my Frattallone’s FAN Club account?

In a word … control. With your personal Dashboard, you can:

  • See your current point level and how close you are to your next rewards coupon.
  • Every time you earn a new coupon, it will come through your rewards Dashboard. No more lost coupons, just print your reward or have it scanned from your phone. Never miss out again.
  • Forget worrying about getting your rewards points. They are automatically applied to your Frattallone’s FAN Club account.
  • Keep an accurate account of your past purchases and have ready access to purchase information.
  • Keep an accurate record of your receipts! No longer will you need to worry about where you left your paper receipt, you will always have a digital copy as near as your cell phone or home computer.
  • Choose to have a copy of your receipt emailed to you or sent via text to your phone. (As well as having them stored in your Dashboard.)
  • Access your account in store with your phone number or email. No more cards to carry or worry about losing.
  • Receive emails and updates about special savings (which you can opt out of if you so choose).
How do I earn points?

Nothing could be easier or more fun … just go shopping! You’ll earn 5 points for every dollar you spend with us. When you’ve reached 1000 points, you will automatically receive a $5 coupon to spend on in-store purchases. We will also send you an email or text (depending upon the preferences you set) to inform you that you’ve earned a new reward. This way you’ll never miss them.

For customers who earn more than 1000 points in a single transaction, we have made it easier than ever to earn your rewards. The award levels for points earned in a single transaction are as follows:

  • 1,000 points = $5 coupon
  • 2,000 points = $10 coupon
  • 3,000 points = $15 coupon
  • 4,000 points = $20 coupon
  • 5,000 points = $25 coupon
  • 6,000 points = $30 coupon
  • 7,000 points = $35 coupon
  • 8,000 points = $40 coupon
  • 9,000 points = $45 coupon
  • 10,000 points = $50 coupon

Please note: any points earned above 10,000 in a single transaction do not receive additional coupons. Any points that do not reach the above thresholds will be saved and count toward your next $5 reward.

What purchases are eligible for points?

With the possible exception of some specific sales, every purchase earns points. In fact, you will often see extra savings attached to some purchases thanks to your FAN Club membership, not to mention special occasional Double Rewards Points sales.

How do I access & redeem Frattallone’s FAN Club coupons?

Your online Dashboard tracks your points & coupons, which you can view by logging in.

Coupons can be redeemed in two ways:

  1. Either print them & bring them with you, or
  2. Log into your FAN Club account on your mobile device & show the cashier.

The FAN Club is paperless, so your Dashboard is the place to go for your coupons.

When do Frattallone’s FAN Club points & coupons expire?

Points never expire, but coupons do based on type:

  • $5 Sign Up coupon expires 60 days from signup
  • Rewards coupons expire 30 days after issue
  • Birthday coupon expires at the end of your birthday month

Expiration dates are listed for each coupon on your FAN Club Dashboard.

What happens to my points if I return an item?

Of course, we always hope that you’ll be satisfied with your purchases. And as always, there are no returns on weather-related and clearance items; but should you need to return an item occasionally, as a courtesy we will not remove your FAN Club points.

What if points are missing?

Points earned will appear in your account almost instantly. If you believe there’s an error, please contact our customer service team & provide the transaction date, transaction ID number & receipt total. The transaction ID number can be found at the top of your receipt. If an error is found, we’ll manually adjust your points. The adjustment takes up to 48 hours to apply.

How do I get a birthday month coupon?

If you haven’t updated your profile with your information, it’s not too late to get your yearly coupon! Open your FAN Club profile, go to Rewards Information, and add your birthday month. On the first day of your birthday month, you’ll get a one-time coupon for 10% off a single purchase during that month. Maximum discount with coupon is $100.

How will you use the information I provide?

The personal information collected from you in connection with the Program is subject to our PRIVACY POLICY.

Where can I find the terms and conditions?

You can find it here on our website: https://www.frattallones.com/terms-of-use

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