Free Snowblower Storage

with purchase of a tune-up special

Frattalones Hardware Snowblower Service Tuneup Repair Oil Change
Frattalones Snowblower Storage, Repair, Maintenance

Bring your snowblower to any Frattallone’s location, and we’ll store it at our warehouse through the summer and get it ready for winter. Call your favorite store or visit the service counter for more information or to schedule your tune-up.

Service Includes:

New Spark Plug
Oil Change
Inspect: Belts, Cables, Tires
Adjust: Skids, Scraper Bar, Carburetor
Lubricate: Auger, Chute, Drive System, Controls, Pivot Points
Free Summer Storage!

Frattallones Snowblower Storage Maintenance Special

Best Mechanics in Minnesota

*Work will be performed for the items on the checklist needing repair as determined by our certified mechanics. We will contact you if the estimated cost of repairing your unit exceeds $150 before proceeding. If carb repair is required, expect $15-30 for parts and $30 for labor to be added to the average cost of repairs; this is typically required when a unit won’t start. The scraper will be replaced when excessive wear poses risk; expect $15-$25 to be added to the average cost of repair. If the skid shoes will be replaced due to excessive wear, expect the average cost to increase by $20-30. The cost of repairing your unit may exceed the value of the unit; in such cases, if you choose not to continue the service, you can have your unit recycled for no additional charge. If you decide to replace the unit at Frattallone’s, a $15 credit will be applied to the new purchase. If you decide to have the unit sent back unrepaired, $30 deposit covers the inspection/diagnostics from the mechanic.