For Over 150 Years

Why do more people trust their yards to Scotts®? One of the reasons (and there are many) is longevity. The knowledge and wisdom born of a long and storied life. Scotts began in 1868, yes, more than 150 years ago, when Orlando Scott began selling seed out of a small store in Marysville, Ohio. Within 15 years, Scott was producing his own premium grass seed for sale and export.

When your focus is grass, you really get to know what works and what doesn’t. Scotts, the first name in lawn and garden care, is the trusted leader in the field because they have seen it all and created products to deal with any problem you might come across.

Start with grass seed. Scotts Turf Builder products create lush, green lawns that you can be proud of. Turf Builder Thick’R Lawn is a specially formulated 3-in-1 product that seeds, has built in fertilizer for better growth as well as soil amendments to promote root growth. Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair, easily takes care of those thin spots you may have in your lawn. And lastly, Scotts Patchmaster is a complete mulch, seed and fertilizer combo that starts to grow in as little as 7 days.

Now that you have your lawn growing, it’s time to feed it and keep it healthy. Scotts has special formulations that not only feed your lawn, but also focus on killing weeds like dandelions, crabgrass and more. Of course you could use Scotts brand spreaders to feed your lawn, but Scotts also has liquid that you can easily spray anywhere.

Speaking of spreaders, Scotts has a full line of broadcast spreaders that are designed to spread evenly and built to withstand years of use.

Okay, you’ve sown you lawn and fed it, now you have to take care of the little invaders that sneak in and try to spoil your landscape. Scotts weed control products feature formulas targeted at specific weeds, regional weeds and even seasonal weeds. Scotts versatility makes weed control simple and effective. Scotts insect, grub and disease control formulas, GrubEX and DiseaseEx, get a handle on what could be very knotty problems and treat the sources directly. And they feed your lawn while doing it.

Scotts Gro Watering Solutions make keeping your lawn in top condition easier than ever. The Scotts Gro 7 Zone Controller connects to the Gro watering sensors. These all report to an app on your phone and give you updated reports on watering, weather and soil conditions. Link in the Gro watering systems in either sprinkler, drip irrigation or sprayer kits and you’ll never be out of the loop when it comes to your lawn or garden.

Of course, Scotts has all of the lawn and garden accessories you need. From hoses, sprayers and gardening gloves, to tools, trimmers and saws. In fact, Scotts even makes an ice melter for those icy winter months that’s designed to be less harmful to your lawn, garden and pets.

So when you venture out into your yard, you know all will be right with the world because you can depend on Scotts brand products and the years of practical knowledge behind them.