Beautiful gardens for any color thumb

Miracle-Gro has products to meet all of your gardens needs, like: soil amendments, container potting mixes, in-ground gardening soil, raised bed gardening mixes, plant food, growing kits & seed pods, Miracle-Gro seeds and garden tools!

Miracle-Gro knows that you want to spend quality time with your garden. That’s why they’ve developed Miracle-Gro Watering Can Singles. An all purpose, water soluble plant food in convenient, pre-measured packets that take the guesswork out of mixing.

Miracle-Gro Liquafeed all purpose plant food Advanced Starter Kit lets anyone from a newbie to an old pro get the most out of their gardening time.

Miracle-Gro is also looking toward the future with innovative new ideas like our MyGarden app which collects data on everything from soil conditions to bug populations and helps you use that data to craft a plan to make your garden grow to its optimal potential.

So if you want more out of your garden, like larger blooms or a greater yield, trust Miracle-Gro® products to get the most from your plants and flowers. Miracle-Gro plant food, soil amendments and seeds are proven to give your garden more nutrients and better yield.

Like you, Miracle-Gro takes your garden seriously, that’s why we are constantly refining and improving our products to serve you better.